Treadmill Desk

Ever thought that a treadmill desk could kill two birds with one stone?  Well I have “thought” that but still have yet to try it.  Instead of spending long hours at your desk then hitting up the gym afterwards to only put in more time, maybe it is time to try to do both at once.  Phoenix, Ariz.-based Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic says “Individuals who sit at their desks all day long are prone not only to obesity, but diabetes, blood pressure problems, cancers, depression and premature death.”

We live in a world where the lines from home to work and work to home are very blurred; why not start to incorporate your active time with your work?

Levine is the brain behind the “treadmill desk” — a standing desk that is built around a treadmill and is designed to help office workers counteract the negative effects of sitting. “I analyzed the data [on the harmful effects of sitting all day] and thought the difference between someone who’s lean and someone who has obesity is 2 ¼ hours of walking time,” says Levine, who built the first treadmill desk prototype in 2005 out of a hospital tray and a $300 treadmill.


In a recent study Mayo Clinic researchers estimate that overweight office workers who replace sitting computer time with walking computer time for two to three hours per day could lose 44 to 66 pounds a year (!!!) walking at a slow pace, without even breaking a sweat.

“I really wanted to maximize the amount of activity I do and integrate it into my day,” says Levine. The treadmill desk has benefits that go beyond the physical. “People feel more energized, productivity improves, people with back and joint problems get better, and people feel brighter,” says Levine.

I don’t think that I will be running out to buy a “treadmill desk” however this is defiantly food for thought (pardon the pun).